Tomato spotted wilt virus (abbreviated TSWV) is a serious plant pathogen for both greenhouses and field grown plants. TSWV has an incredibly wide host range of »

Plant Variegation

Variegated plants have stripes, blotches, streaks, or other pigmentation patterns on their leaves, flowers, or fruit. The patterns can exhibit white, cream, yellow, or other colors »

Clover yellow mosaic virus

Clover yellow mosaic virus, abbreviated ClYMV, is a filamentous plant virus that can infect clover, Trifolium spp.; Medicago spp.; pea, Pisum sativum; faba bean, Vicia faba; »

Dwarf Mistletoe

Dwarf mistletoe is a plant pathogen that is most commonly found throughout North and Central America. This modified plant obtains the majority of its nutrients and »